Hall of Tortured Souls

by Xpelleir

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This demo isn't for meme kids who pose with waterbottles and spurt out "aesthetic", "sesh" and stupid "assboys2003" "emotional2984" bollocks constantly and only listen to one Macintosh Plus song.

The price for this demo changed from Free to £7 somehow which is bollocks, this demo is free you should never have to pay for this, if this happens again message me on our facebook page.

Drum tracks/Programming done in Summer/Autumn 2009 (apart from the last song which was March 1st 2009 and Track 3 which was recorded in 2010)
Guitars, Bass and Vocals were recorded in 2014
Lyrics were written and edited all around from 2009 to 2011 (Aside from Track 7's lyrics were written in 2014).

These tracks were supossed to be part of an EP meant to be released in the summer of 2010 called "A New Existance" the files for this release weren't backed up properly and were lost apart from track 3, the guitarist á also left before then. The band was very little active after this time although I planned another EP "Towards Judgement" and went through a few guitarists but it did not go anywhere, I discovered Macintosh Plus on /mu/ in late 2012 suprised that people actually cared for this style and it was known as Vaporwave (all I knew back then was OPN's Sunsetcorp stuff which later became Memory Vague and Chuck Person and heard Vektroid's Neo Cali once in 2012 and this guy on Youtube no-one remembers who made that "SEGA CD" video please help me find this! ! ! ), I tried reforming this band in 2012 I made a few songs and I got my friend Minge to do Vocals since he wanted to do Vocals for a band and one that sounded wierd and so I told him about reforming this, this didn't last due to .dll refusing to play the style. In 2014 I went through my old harddrive and accidentally found early versions of the songs from A New Existance in an incorrect folder, got the lyrics and track I had saved on a memory stick (some lyrics had to be changed a little to fit with the songs, the lyrics weren't matched with songs apart from Fujoshi), I decided to learn bass myself and recorded the bass 2 months later and got Nytrael to do guitars who was too busy and kept me waiting for months when I wanted it released ASAP and replaced him with Necro Bastard who I knew would be able to do it in a rush and was determined even though he struggled a little due to how much I rushed him. I was so fucking glad when this demo was released even though it might be sloppy and it literally is vaporware cause this is the only fucking release after those 5 years and it may only be 11 mins long but I had my old songs back and they were finally finished and this project finally had a release. Straight after this was finished Necro Bastard left, Minge disappeared for a year and I became ill

Thank you for the few that like/support Xpelleir and those who put up with all my stupid bullshit sometimes, I love you all a lot <3 NEW EP OUT NOW <3 <3 <3


released November 18, 2014

Laser Rot (bass, programming & sampling, lyrics, vocals on track 2)
Minge (vocals)
Necro Bastard (rhythm guitar, lead guitar)



all rights reserved


Xpelleir Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Under Fuscia Skies
Luminous skyboxes eclipse celestial dreams.
Nylon devoured by the black moths of entropy,
chiselling away at the primordial monoliths,
of pagan ruins of existentialism.
Technological singularity of the Earth,
running Heat Death Simulator 2198.
Humanity dehumanised into vegetation,
to fill the pink rabbit's arsehole.
Track Name: Fujoshi
Pastel lard stalactites,
bleed hypercarnal gloop.
shameless lustful thrusts,
penetrating vaginal crust.

Plastic greek wooden hallways are flooded,
with the liquid dreams of their delights.
The cacophony of a thousand screams,
are echoing as a aquifer of tears.

Fixated on polygonal,
malformed hued phalluses.
Knots burnt into her retina.
"I am going to. . .

Track Name: Bonzi Kitten
Sobekhotep VIII's tomb looms out from the mist,
left ruined in his epithelial Valley.
Once gazing obsessingly at the necropolis,
Left pummeling against 3M obsidian.
Glaring at the glaring neon sun,
and raising a sardonic grin.
Call the National Accident Helpline,
He's slipping on AIDS infested cum again.

Category five desktop bondage connecting people.
I'm lovin' the sulty processed yellow tounge,
lapping across my corpulent corpse.
I feel coke penetration.
Cold nurturing human hands grab me protectively;
pushing my hips against their malicious thrusts.
Plastering my rotting cadaverous flesh,
with bows, bells and Ivorian pinnae.

Sewer rapids cascade through the phloem,
insides bursting with amethyst primate shit.
My innards bleeding as they rupture,
golden teeth tear holes pulling at my testicles.
My carcass bursts, shite splashes against glass,
my piss dripping remains entombed in a jam jar.
Glued and compressed I lay defiled,
for all to see; Les Horribles Cernettes.
Track Name: NS-DOS
Thick cables strangulate and enshrine me,
expanding as I gasp for air.
Lie sleeping on cinnibar strings.
Rulers wrapped in tinfoil,
lie dragging the deformed with turqouise ropes.
Battered bleeding bound to a chair,
pale slits slice their dicks off.

As ants we enter the corporate pantheon.

The Oculian anus opens; a brown light illuminates the room.
Descending gracefully from the wormholes of heaven,
the hobo gods of fetishism, nationalism, obesity and narcisism .
All heil the supreme god of victimisation lord of all dogma!
The masochistic rites begin; behold the grand feast of faeces.
Who wants to be a coprophage? win a plasma TV and a gold AK.
A yellow bear breakdances next to a shit splattered dying child,
I'll just fuck off home and jack off to tubgirl all day.
Track Name: Životinjski Planeta
Ferocious tribadism with the vacuum Onahole,
prolapsed cunt; ovaries sucked out of her vagina.
The foetuses and queefs are now aborted,
from the Stock Room of the factory
of insomnious milk and Mongolian children
to BILL's PC, Deal or No Deal.